Wonderful Smoothies

This is not a recipe post per se, but more a compilaton of my favorite smoothie ideas.

2013-04-05 08.58.53

Occasionally, I will make a pretty smoothie as pictured above (frozen red berries, peach, banana, coconut water). However, typically . . .

2013-04-16 08.54.29

they end up looking more like this. Gross. But delicious tasting, I promise!

2013-04-16 08.47.012013-04-16 08.47.23

The main culprit for the ugliness: Spirulina. Spirulina is a healthy bacteria that grows in deep water. One teaspoon naturally contains, get this, 150% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin B-12! It is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. It contains other vitamins and minerals as well.

Caveat: I still take a B-12 supplement and eat foods supplemented with the vitamin, as there are conflicting reports on how well the body absorbs B-12 from spirulina. Vegetarians have to be diligent about getting enough B-12, but what I’m doing seems to be working. My latest lab results showed super healthy levels of all the necessary nutrients!

2013-04-16 08.44.31

I also like to mix all kinds of ingredients, depending on my mood and what I have on hand. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the combination of cranberries, peaches, beets, coconut water, OJ, raw oats, and peanut butter.

I buy cans of beets and drop in a few spoonfuls (including the juice) to each smoothie batch. I save the rest of the beets and juice in a covered glass container in my fridge. A tablespoon of peanut butter neutralizes the beet flavor.2013-04-03 08.49.41

Spinach is great in smoothies – it really doesn’t taste like a vegetable when mixed with strawberries and almond milk. But if you add a bunch of red or purple fruits, you get a swampy-looking drink like above. Doesn’t bother me, but it freaks out my husband! Tina hates it too – just kidding, she’d eat anything we gave her.

2013-04-14 19.35.44

As for liquids, I alternate between coconut water, regular water, almond milk, and orange juice – sometimes a combo. Juice or water produce a more refreshing smoothie, while almond milk gives a more creamy, milkshake-like result.

I typically use frozen fruit: berries, peaches, bananas, and mango. Fresh fruit is good too, but if I’m doing all fresh I blend in some ice to keep things cool. I am not a fan of pears or red apples in smoothies – way too sweet and thick textured. Half a granny smith apple is great though!

2013-04-14 19.34.27

I hope this will provide you with some inspiration for your next smoothie! Spring is finally here to stay, and they make a wonderfully refreshing breakfast or post-workout snack.

What are your favorite smoothie combinations? Anything unusual?


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