Chia Rice Krispy Treats (*Vegan*)

2013-07-28 17.22.18
I always loved rice krispy treats as a child, until I learned that marshmallows contain gelatin – gross. I was so pleasantly surprised when I found out that Whole Foods carries vegan marshmallows. And they are delicious!

2013-07-25 17.40.23

My recipe calls for a whole bag, but you can snack on a couple (or 10) while you are preparing it and not have any issues.

2013-07-28 17.26.01

To add a little nutritional value to a nutritionally void dessert, I got the idea to add some chia seeds to my rice krispy treats. The seeds add a little extra crispy-crunch to the treats, plus healthy fiber and protein!

2013-07-25 19.02.44

You can learn more about chia seeds here: FYI: that’s a link to the website for Health Warrior, a Richmond-based company that sells excellent chia bars as well as bags of chia seeds. Check them out at Whole Foods Market!

2013-07-25 19.07.22

Chia seeds don’t have a lot of distinguishable flavor, so they won’t mess up the classic dessert’s taste like some healthified recipes (for example, applesauce in brownies = no thanks). Enjoy this quick and easy take on classic – it’s free of animal products and has the added benefits of chia!

2013-07-25 19.11.18

Vegan Chia Rice Krispy Treats
Serves 12

1/4 cup Earth Balance (sticks or tub will work)
1 10 oz bag vegan marshmallows (I used Dandies brand)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 T chia seeds
6 cups crisp rice cereal

1. In a large bowl, melt the Earth Balance and marshmallows by microwaving on medium power for 2 minutes. Stir and heat for an additional 1-2 minutes until mixture is soft and fluffy.

2. Stir in vanilla extract and chia seeds.

3. Gently stir in cereal, two cups at a time, until evenly coated.

4. Spoon into a rectangular dish and flatten with a spatula. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before cutting into squares and serving.


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