Here are the links to my tried and true recipes. Most are my original creations, though a few have been directly inspired or adapted from other sources as indicated. I hope you will find something healthy and tasty to try!

Italian Herb White Bean Dip
Simple Guacamole
Mushroom Ceviche
Kale Spanakopita

Creamy Veggie Casserole
Cauliflower Cous Cous with Fresh Pesto Sauce
Deluxe Sweet Potatoes with Creamy Herb Dressing
Easy Spinach Enchiladas
Green Curry Veggie Bowl
Kale Spanakopita
Mediterranean Stir Fry
Quick and Easty Quinoa Stir Fry
Roasted Golden Beet Veggie Bowls
Southwestern Style BBQ Eggplant Salad
Summer Shish Kababs
Veggie Melt Sandwiches
Zesty Lemon Cumin Tofu

Sides and Salads:
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad
Dijon Potato Salad
Balsamic-Garlic Mushrooms and Zucchini
Watermelon, Pistachio, and Arugula Salad
Raw Summer Squash Salad

Wonderful Smoothies
Magic Green Juice

Lemon Cashew Tarts
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
Vegan Chia Rice Krispy Treats

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
Tomato-Dill Grits
Tofu-Mushroom-Kale Brunch Scramble
Wonderful Smoothies


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